Cannabis Infused Beer Brewing

THC Infused Beer:

Summer is here and the heat is on! Most people stay cool with a refreshing glass of water or even better yet…a cannabis infused beer?

There is a new product sweeping the old alternatives off the shelf and it isn’t truly labeled as beer. It is said that each infused beer can contain 5 to 10 milligrams of THC and no alcohol. The beer hops and THC must be dissolved together and infused to create this delicious new refreshment.

Major liquor manufactures have found this as a way to enter the cannabis community and create a new stream of revenue. It is a wise choice for brewers to join the industry instead of fight an uphill battle hoping drinkers would switch to this new alternative.

Cannabis and Alcohol Not Legal Together:

Cannabis infused beer contains no alcohol as it is not legally permitted to have both together. The THC is an alternative to the alcohol effects but with the same beer taste! If you are wanting to try them both together it is something you must try at home because manufacturing such items will not be legal anytime soon.


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