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This is what I heard about dark extracts and that's why I stick to them..

Dark Extracts Deliver a Grounded Body High

Darker concentrates also provide a more grounded body high; unlike the high from clear and extremely concentrated THC (which tends to be a very cerebral and energetic). While effects vary from strain to strain, dark color tends to come either because of the type processing or because the plant itself was dark. Indicas and more sedative hybrids tend to have a darker color than sativa varieties, so often the more sedative plants produce darker concentrates. Keeping more of the dark plant matter with less processing also tends to keep more of the “heavy” effects. If you are looking more for the sedative, calming, pain relieving side of the medicine, darker concentrates are much more likely to provide.

Cannabis is all about personal preference and there are definitely people who prefer the effects of lighter or more processed extracts. But light color doesn’t always mean quality, and for some, it could mean the exact opposite. Patients looking for concentrates with the feel of flower or a more grounded high should put away “the clear” and find something dark and minimally processed. Darker isn’t always better, but it certainly can be.


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there is a difference...