What’s a cannagar?

A cannagar is not your typical joint. It’s a slow burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours and is designed to create a unique experience that can be enjoyed by yourself or with others.

Our molds give the classy experience of a cannagar, made exactly how you like, at a price within your budget. We believe everyone deserves to treat themselves.

What’s the difference between a thai stick and cannagar?

A thai stick is the original cannagar. They are usually made by tying hemp rope tightly around cannabis on a skewer. The end result is a rougher looking cannagar.

Purple Rose was created out of a desire to elevate the way you medicate. We’re committed to our mission of creating products that give you the best smoking experience possible without breaking the bank. We firmly believe everyone should get to treat themselves.

You’re a boss, kick your shoes off and relax. You deserve it.

Our Origins

We were founded by a cannabis connoisseur who liked smoking joints with his friends every weekend but wanted a way to enhance that experience even further.

A cannabis cigar (aka thai stick or cannagar) was the perfect tool. It was a classy move, but unaffordable. Cannagars cost hundreds of dollars and come pre-made, which didn’t give him the freedom to choose his favorite product based on occasion, add concentrates, or pick his preferred rolling papers.

After a lot of research and feedback from fellow connoisseurs, the cannagar mold was created with the elevated smoking experience in mind. Purple Rose was created to share it with you.

Cannagars provide an overall better experience as a slow burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. Instead of buying a pre-made cannagar, however, maybe it’s better to just make your own. Purple Rose Supply provides an easy to use kit that allows you to be the creator of your smoking experience. You can choose your favorite strains, have a cannagar whenever you want, and best of all it’s affordable (for those of us that don’t want to dish out hundreds of dollars on luxury). You also end up conserving weed because it goes out on its own once you’re done smoking it.



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