Two Roots Brewing

A Brand With a Passion

The summer is here and the weather is hot!…it’s the perfect time to try a cannabis infused beer…

The Cannabis Community is quickly developing and brands are emerging everywhere, the ones with purpose and passion such as Two Roots Brewing are leading the way and setting themselves aside the rest.

Dedicated to Lifestyle Integration

Made to deliver the highest quality cannabis products, Cannabiniers (a cannabis brand management company), is dedicated to developing exceptional, lifestyle integrated consumer products.

Their goal is to unite millions of responsible adults around their shared interest of the recreational and wellness benefits of cannabis.

Along the way, they will educate and turn negative social stigmas into a movement that will celebrate the modern cannabis lifestyle!



No skipping on style.

Two Roots offers a variety to cater to consumer tastes: Enough Said, New West, Tropical Infamy, Sonder, and RCG.

No hang-over!

Boosted with electrolytes and B-vitamins for maximum hydration (on top of the bonus fact that cannabis-infused beverage eradicates any chance of a hangover).

Be the life of the party.

Readily blends into a social lifestyle and gatherings, and the low-calorie servings won’t add up (80-110 calories per 10 fl.oz. can).

Great taste, without the distasteful after-effects.

Say hello to the kinder, gentler party mode, featuring moments you’ll be happy to remember.

A simply superior formula.

THC infusion adds a quick, clean psychoactive high.

Micro-dose, is the way to dose.

Build on consumer trends, aid relaxation, ease stress and promotes a better sleep.

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